Frequently Asked Questions

UTOS Office,

Development Bank of Samoa,

Level 3


Samoa Post Office (main office and branches in both Upolu and Savaii)

We do not pay interest like commercial banks. We pay dividends and capital growth on your investment. How much we pay depend on the net profit of the Trust each month.

Direct salary deductions from employer (Liaise with your employer)

Direct transfer from your bank to UTOS (visit our office to complete application form)

For Upolu, it would take up to 3 working days. For Savaii, it may take up to 21 working days.

Prices will be advertised at all Samoa Post Offices, our website and our Office.

You will need to complete the Application Form for Purchase of Units that is appropriate for you, your family or organization. Submit the form together with your photo identification and money to management and they will process your application.

No. It is up to you. However, we encourage you to invest your money for at least 3 years so that you can get the most benefit out of your money.

Yes, you can. We will give you up to three months to collect your dividend from our office. After that, all unclaimed dividend will be reinvested so you will automatically be issued additional units equivalent to your dividend amount, at the prevailing unit price.